“Don’t do it Two-bit! No! No no no no no no! Keith! Don’t do it!” (Y/N) said as she backed away from Two-bit who was coming at her slowly. 

(Y/N) shrieked as he pounced on her and tackled her into the mud. They continued to roll around, (Y/N) yelling at Two-bit for being an “arrogant asshole of a human being” and Two-bit laughing his ass off. She finally pushed him off her and began storming towards her house. Two-bit trailed after her quickly, a little nervous that she actually might be mad at him.

“Hey.” He said from behind her, a smile still in his voice as usual. “Babe. C’mon stop. Are you really mad at me for that? Just a lil’ fun.”

She didn’t answer him. She just walked into her empty house and began stripping off her clothes as she made her way to the bathroom. It took Two-bit a minute before he realized what she was implying. Shower. His eyes widened as he made a mad dash for the bathroom. He got there just as she reached back to unclasp her bra.

Two-bit pinned her up against the wall and kissed her roughly. (Y/N) giggled as while he unbuttoned his pants as she slid his shirt over his head. He groaned as their tongues swirled around each other and her hands tangled into his hair. She slowly slid down her panties and he went to kiss and nip at her neck. (Y/N) reached back and turned on the water, letting it warm up. She quickly pushed his dirty jeans and his boxers down his legs.

“Hey,” Two-bit murmured huskily against her neck as he slid her bra off, “you wanna hear a joke?”

(Y/N) smiled dreamily as his hands fondled her breasts and his mouth worked at her neck, her hands entangling in his greased hair again, “Hmmm? Yeah sure.”

“We’re gonna do it in your shower.”

She breathlessly laughed and wrapped her legs around his waist as he stepped into the shower, “Well it wasn’t funny but ok.”

(Y/N) giggled as she was once again pinned against a wall, the hot water pounding against Two-bit’s back. This time she took some control and kissed his neck, nipping and sucking on his soft spot. His breathing hitched and he grabbed her hips tightly. Two-bit dragged her face back to his and dominated her mouth with his tongue. (Y/N) grasped at his long, now ungreased hair and dragged his bottom lip between her teeth.

Two-bit slammed into her and smiled his wide grin as she screamed in pleasure. He pumped into her and (Y/N) clawed at his back.

“God…” Two-bit grunted into her neck, “you’re so wet for me baby.”

Even during sex these two mocked each other so (Y/N) couldn’t resist muttering in his ear, “No sweetie,” she had to break her sentence to moan loudly as he hit her g-spot, “that’s just the shower.”

He growled and pumped into her more furiously making her groan his name even louder than before. He could feel his release coiling in his stomach and her walls beginning to clench around him. (Y/N) bit into his shoulder, no doubt to keep from screaming. 

“Just scream it baby.” He murmured against her lips, “Scream my name.”

“OH KEITH!” (Y/N) yelled as she shook with her orgasm.

Two-bit groaned as he spilled himself into her,”…Oh God….(Y/N)!” They sank down to the floor next to each other, smiling like idiots as usual. They eventually got up and actually showered. Two-bit and (Y/N) hopped out of the shower, Two-bit with a towel around his waist and (Y/N) with a towel covering her whole body. They stumbled out of the bathroom laughing, only to walk into a living room full of the gang.

“Really?” Darry asked them, “Really Two-bit? In her shower?”